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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hi all,

Talk about lazy....this is my first Blog for 2012!!!

What a great time it's been also:

We have Caitlin Jory who arrived not long ago thanks to Schnelle giving birth to her (I wont post her birth date as we are getting too many identity hackers these days...)

Caitlin is awesome, is always ready for a smile or play, and she's only  coming up to 5mths old!

Caitlin (and yes this blog will be mostly about her and not guitars...) is a mighty power house, the core body strength this baby has is amazing, her grip is vice like and if she grabs you hair!!! (watch out). Schnelle feeds her the most and by bottle, due to a high-arch-palette, meaning she is alsop quite large comparatively due to being on formula. Other babies the same age are half the size...

I am going to add pictures of her here, just need to get home, get some time and add them.

Now I have 3 girls at home, and am feeling like the house is turning into a Barbie play center...anyway....

Erin is going to turn 4 soon, yes, 4....and it seems like I only just posted her 3rd B-day in this blog, and now she's turning 4. Erin loves to play hide'n seek, she loves her "Wot Wotz" and to mess around with her Dad (me).

The standard when I get home at night is to be greated by Erin, who is at the door waiting for me and always has some great "news of the day" to tell me, how she shared a lolly or was given a new jumper....[each day is a different thing].

Schnelle is getting over colds it seems contunuously, poor love, it seems as soon as she's over one another captures her. Must be hard being continuously sick all the time. But she is a trooper and you wouldn't know she was ill if her little body didn't crash every 6 hrs...

On the horison?

We are going on Holiday soon, more on that another day, will post lovely picks on where we go/stay.

Stay free.

 (oh yeah, if anyone ever wants to buy me a guitar, just make it a 1954 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop like this one...)

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