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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Re-cap this near-end of a monumental year!!!

Hello all,

What a full-on year it has been... 2017 has been one of change, re-visiting the past, turmoil, relief and fun!

I'll start with what was proving to be a stressful change to my families life, and it started at the beginning of the year that SA Health would be outsourcing it IT dept... reasons are aplenty, and I will keep my opinions on that to myself. what it did cause though was a lot of uncertainty, and despite my best efforts to find out where we would go, and what we would be doing with the new IT company - who had graciously offered to take us all on [they needed us as much as we needed work] - was not easy to discover.

The union for SA Health IT got involved and by the end of August we had to make a decision, either stay in the Govt and find other meaningful work, or, move to the new company... As you may imagine this occurance caused a lot of stress for a lot of people, me included, and I ended up breaking out in stress rashes and continuously become despondant and unsure what the future laid out. Luckily for myself - a Team in SA Health asked if I would liek to join them, they are not "IT" support but do provide reporting to Southern Adelaide, I couldn't believe my good fortune and by September start working with them.

And now for the good stuff :)

My new work desk and awesome window views [note: the last 8 years ive been stuck in basements and cubilcle, so this is a pretty good change in environment]

My wife looking much more at ease now we got work for bit longer, here she is with her mum Val

Haimish our new dog has grown fast and is loving hanging with the Jory tribe, he never tries to run off and although was a scally wag at first hes matured a lot and is great fun.

I might add here that Haimish still gets crazy now and then!!!

From here I might add - without pics - that my best friend, com padre' and someone ive known for decades... Jarrod Morris, came over to Australia and we finally, after many years without seeing each other - as he lives in the UK, caught up one on one for some guitar, food, and friendship, which was awesome! [you'' have to go to face book to see the pics]

Last of all - to bare the tide of what was a stressful year of job-near-loss/change, medical issues [I have arthritis in my feet and guitar playing hand], other assorted sundry problems [thats life] we decided to get a new TV.. :)

Yes Schnelle, I love you, but i've got to tell someone about it! haha

Here is our old TV - which now lives in the dining room, its 42 inch I believe, and kind of looks small in this pic [as it is] :)

And we replaced it with a new 80 inch, Sony, which freaks me out how far they have come, and how bloomin cheap they are now! [we can even speak into the remote to search on youtube etc...whaaaat!]..... technology hey, now our TV's are really computers, and fast they are.... its running Android OS, so im not surprised at how fast it runs... puts my windows PC to shame lolz

Last of all, you know me, I have to include my guitar, which has matured into a tone machine, ive never had one this good, and the fact I put it together and made it what it is gives me some pride and attachment to it.

Take care, thanks for reading my blog, I hope you in turn are doing well and traversing 2017 with love and care for those around you.

Andy out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jory blog 2017 - puppy soon to arrive

2017 and time certainly flies....

arrival of canine terror!

New post - new arrival, Hamish the Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel - he comes from the green pastures of the South Australian York Peninsula and is a sight to behold for any dog lovers out there.

We had been searching for a new addition to our family for some time, an animal that could fit into our life, schedules, school drop offs and the occasional social gathering. An animal that could hold it's own when amoungst others of the canine variety, at parks, BBQ's and assorted fun times sniffing other dogs bot bots and generally having doggy fun!

Our girls, though confident around animals, were leaning more towards keeping earwigs and millipedes - so the time came to dust off the old wallet - and find what would be their childhood pal, comrade of arms and all round rascally wag-tailed romper!

The choice of breed was simple, Schnelle my wife does not like pit bull terriers but does like Cocker Spaniels - so the common ground became a male Cocker Spaniel, but no show dog, no! We found a breed that down the line somewhere had some gun dog pedigree in the line, a champion of the lake, hunter and mouthy bird pincher of the Forest!....

Anyway enough rambling. Here is Hamish - soon to arrive [in 8 days] awwww..... :)