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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Erin Jory update March 2009

Check out Erin Jory (above), as she learns to be cool, roll around on the ground, and watch little bubbly bubbles as they float around her head.

Amazing isn't it?........

In mid February 2009 Erin learnt how to roll onto her back, two weeks later, she rolled onto her stomach again, we were raptuously laughing with joy at our little genius, however, it would be another week until she mastered the full art of rolling and now uses this as her main mode of transport.

Keep tuned for more elaborate musings and wishfull thinks of Erins father......da..da..daaaa....Andrew Jory. Oh, and a possible update from Schnelle (erins mum
) as to what is happening in her life with .....ERIN!!!