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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Erin Jory - 1st Birthday

Erin Jory Birthday and her first Birthday

Enjoy Erins first birthday pictures, although Erin did not sleep well the night before due to a slight cold, teething (possibly molar) and fatigue from waking up every hour she displayed a calm demeanor throughout the whole day.

Erin did not take a nap during the time her friends and family were present and did not cry once, despite the house being quite loud due to the amount of people in the space available.

We would like to thank Erin's Uncle Jamie, Aunty Bek, Cousin Tyler (3.5yrs) and Finn (18mths)for driving from Pt Lincoln to Adelaide, what an awesome effort - Jaime flew back to Pt Lincoln the next day due to work whilst Beck and the boys have stayed on for 2 weeks.

Also it was fantastic to see our 2 - 9yr old cousins Angela and Sarah Rullo who came down from Berri, South Australia and had a great time playing games and blowing liquid bubbles in the back yard for young Tyler to pop.

My Brother Mark Jory, his wife Bronwyn and children = Shayla, Isaiah, Serena and baby Matthew came over too from down the road which was awesome, always great to have plenty of family and friends at a party.

My Mum (Lynda) and Brian (my stepfather) drove down from Salisbury Heights with our cousins Sarah and Angela which was a massive drive for them, next year they need to make sure they drive around the city to get here though as apparently the Adelaide Royal Show was in full swing and trying to drive through that chaos would have been tiring.

स्च्नेल्लेs Father Peter had come down from Pt Lincoln the week earlier and he had a good time playing with Erin and seeing all his kids and Grand kids enjoying their food and games.

Schnelles mum Valerie and her husband Frank came down from Seaford and brought all kinds of platters, cookers and chairs for guests to have food brought, prepared and seats for (well sitting..), they also gave us lots of help preparing the "pastitzies" = what I hear (and taste) is a great Maltese pastry and cheese treat. Which of course went down well and were all gobbled up.

Lastly, to all our friends who made it from all sides of the City, without friends a party is a family gathering, so thank you all for coming and bring your great stories and brilliant presents for young Erin, although she sat on Franks lap for half the day during the "pass the parcel" and gift unwrapping ceremonies Erin enjoyed all of you so much, and we have the video to prove it.

Cheers to everyone for making it a great day.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Erin Jory update March 2009

Check out Erin Jory (above), as she learns to be cool, roll around on the ground, and watch little bubbly bubbles as they float around her head.

Amazing isn't it?........

In mid February 2009 Erin learnt how to roll onto her back, two weeks later, she rolled onto her stomach again, we were raptuously laughing with joy at our little genius, however, it would be another week until she mastered the full art of rolling and now uses this as her main mode of transport.

Keep tuned for more elaborate musings and wishfull thinks of Erins father......da..da..daaaa....Andrew Jory. Oh, and a possible update from Schnelle (erins mum
) as to what is happening in her life with .....ERIN!!!