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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Welcome back to our blog, been a few years since i've added anything - as you know life takes over leaving us one step behind everything we intended to do....

so what have we been doing, HOLIDAYS!!!!

Also outings...  below is from the Gorge Wildlife Park in South Australia, if you've never been there check it out its well worth the visit. Here is Schnelle and the kids in front of a Camel. 

Erin and Caitlin are both going to school now, well Erin goes to School and Caitlin goes to kindy, where on her first day she introduced herself as "Kitty Cat Caitlin" which is my nick name for her. They are both awesome of course and great learners.

As for me? Well this is an old pic, but a fun one, we're at a theatre waiting to watch the wiggles..... yes..... the wiggles..... of and I play with dolls now too [what a father will do for his kids ay?]

Enjoy and see you in another year - or 4