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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Erin turns 3!!!

Hi all,

My how time has flown....

Erin turned 3 last month and what a great birthday it was, Schnelle booked a kindy near our house to hold her party, the venue could hold 30 people and at least that many kids showed up!!

Schnelle was amazing and catered the whole shabang, here is a list of tucker:


1) Home made cheese and ham tarts (keish?) ( a giant plate full)
2) party pies and pasties (a few plates full)
3) party pizza (3)
4) a cheesy pastry from malta (I cannot what they are called)
5) sandwiches (cheese and ham + chicken and salad)
6) chips and biscuits
(I am sure there was more, but as you know - I am a sweets kind a guy)


The Birthday cake was first off the rank, and that was an amazing feat of cake engineering by Schnelle, it started off with a base made from a heavy style of cake = toped with pink icing and decorated with hard coulorful candy and licourish. Not to mention it was a 2 part cake made to look like a candy shop (pics to come hopefully)

2) "Frog in a pond" (a choc frog sitting in a clear cup of green Jelly)
3) Schnelles home made famous Toblerone Cheese cake (...mmmmm cheesy)
4) lollies (assorted)

All the above came in abundance (we still have frozen b-day cake in the fridge + only god knows when we will eat it all:)

Erin had a great time mingling with her cousins Shayla, Isiaih, Serena and Matthew (my brothers kids) and Tyler, Finn and baby Jade (Schnelles brothers kids), not to mention all our friends kids. When not eating the kids were playing with the Kindigartens selection of toys which were all over the place... at one point Erin coaxed me inot the kiddy cubby house for a cup of imaginary tea (it was a bit squeezy when the other kids wanted to come in too)

At the end of the day all had fun, stacks of photo's were taken (some to be posted here), tummys were full of food and fizzy pop. Everyone went home with a littel gift bag that Schnelle made containing a ballon, stickers, lollies, a toy and crayons.

Erin got some lovely presents too, of which she is very grateful and appcreciative of.

Thanks to all who came and enjoyed the day.

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