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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jory blog 2017 - puppy soon to arrive

2017 and time certainly flies....

arrival of canine terror!

New post - new arrival, Hamish the Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel - he comes from the green pastures of the South Australian York Peninsula and is a sight to behold for any dog lovers out there.

We had been searching for a new addition to our family for some time, an animal that could fit into our life, schedules, school drop offs and the occasional social gathering. An animal that could hold it's own when amoungst others of the canine variety, at parks, BBQ's and assorted fun times sniffing other dogs bot bots and generally having doggy fun!

Our girls, though confident around animals, were leaning more towards keeping earwigs and millipedes - so the time came to dust off the old wallet - and find what would be their childhood pal, comrade of arms and all round rascally wag-tailed romper!

The choice of breed was simple, Schnelle my wife does not like pit bull terriers but does like Cocker Spaniels - so the common ground became a male Cocker Spaniel, but no show dog, no! We found a breed that down the line somewhere had some gun dog pedigree in the line, a champion of the lake, hunter and mouthy bird pincher of the Forest!....

Anyway enough rambling. Here is Hamish - soon to arrive [in 8 days] awwww..... :)

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